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40% Less Weight

The weight has been lifted! UltraLight Plywood is up to 40% lighter than your average Baltic Birch plywood. If weight is a concern but you still need to retain quality then Ultralight is your solution. The sensible alternative to raise your efficiencies in quality and time. Ultralight Plywood is the new standard for plywood projects.

With a smooth grain structure, UltraLight Plywood is the ideal material for cabinetry, countertops, furniture, and more - anything that requires a lightweight construction. The ultimate and practical plywood for constructing boats, RVs, buses, campers and anything that transports. Lose the weight - reduce the cost!

Benefits that work for you

It's not just the reduced weight, it's also performance. UltraLight was created with cost in mind across the board (pun intended) - from sanded veneers to consistent core density for fastener retention, our goal was to create a composite that reduces labor, saves on machine wear, and performs exceptionally.

Grade AA Veneers

Speed up your prep time, eliminate sanding flaws - ready to paint or laminate.

"Breathe Easy" Adhesive

It's safe. Our exterior grade glues are EPA/CARB TSCA Title VI 3rd party certified.

Engineered for Strength

The perfect mix of hard and softwoods to maximize strength without weight.


40% lighter than regular Baltic Birch plywoods, saving tons on shipping and labor.

Minimal Core Voids

You hate them, we hate them, so we set out to eliminate them with a high-quality layup process.

No Footballs

We hate seeing footballs as much as we hate core voids - so none of those either. No knotholes!

Eco-Friendly Cultivation

Our farm-grown source passes the ITTO Objective 200, ISO 14000 cert and the LACEY Act.

Consistent Thickness

Tight tolerances of +/- 0.3mm for precision and consistency ensures an ease of CNC work.

Common sizes in stock

Distributed in North America through Reparadise in Salt Lake City, Ut.


On hand sizes:

4' x 8' sheets in 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4"

Ready to ship out immediately.

  • 1/4" (6mm) - 48" x 96" - 5 ply
  • 1/2" (12mm) - 48" x 96" - 9 ply
  • 3/4" (18mm) - 48" x 96" - 13 ply


  • 6mm (1/4") - 20 lbs (3.07 kg/m²)
  • 12mm (1/2") - 31 lbs (4.72 kg/m²)
  • 18mm (3/4") - 51 lbs (7.78 kg/m²)


  • 6mm (1/4") - 20 lbs (3.07 kg/m²)
  • 12mm (1/2") - 37 lbs (5.64 kg/m²)
  • 18mm (3/4") - 54 lbs (8.23 kg/m²)

Breathe Free exterior grade adhesive = CARB2, TSCA Title VI 3rd party certified


  • Front & back veneer - AA Grade
  • Calibrated +/- 0.3mm


  • Front veneer - anti-skid Hex pattern phenolic film
  • Back veneer - smooth finish phenolic film
  • Calibrated +/- 0.3mm

X5.5-08-04.3 (Stability Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-05.2 (Strength Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-06.0 (Top Load Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-05.4 (Strength Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-05.3 (Strength Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-08.0 (Leg Strength Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-05.5 (Strength Test) - PASS


Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Farm Grown source

ITTO Objective 200 - Pass
ISO 14000 - Certified
LACEY ACT - Compliant


Material Safety Data Sheet PDF download

With UltraHex, the average weight savings is around 40% compared to similar high grade plywoods. In fact, a sheet of 3/4" weighs less than the average 1/2" baltic birch core hex ply, making it a great alternative whenever weight is a concern.

Many industry applications

If your profitability relies on efficient production, but your brand demands a high-quality of standards in workmanship, sustainability, and employee health, then UltraLight Plywood was made for you.

Van Life

Less weight, less fuel, less wear

Consumer Goods

Flat-pack friendly

Retail Build-outs

Showcase that brand better

Architectural Design

Modern meets moxie

Workshop a go-go

Lightweight work trailers

Speciality Lumber

Solution for your customers

Dont take our word for it

Listen to the people that actually create things

Distributed by Reparadise

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Broadleaf Industries

UltraLight Plywood is made by Broadleaf Industries, engineering and manufacturing the finest environmentally friendly wood products for designers, architects, contractors and builders since 1987. Quality control extends to everything we do, from manufacturing to warehousing, distribution partners, and finally to your door.

Growing up right

Harvested from eco-friendly sources of farm-grown Radiata forests. We carefully choose our lumber from temperate climate zones with rich soil to ensure the most even year-round growth, ensuring that the density is consistent and predictable throughout the finished UltraLight Plywood sheet. You could say our quality control literally starts at the roots.

Responsible manufacturing

Broadleaf Industries is committed to providing quality products that are renewable and recyclable, and we are dedicated to developing products that are safe to use and safe to live with. That's why our Breathe Free exterior grade adhesive is TSCA Title VI Certified to ensure that no one has to breathe harmful chemicals for the life of the product.

Distributed by Reparadise

Specializing in camper van build-outs, the need for the perfect lightweight plywood drove them to partner with Broadleaf Industries to manage North American distribution. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, with easy access and quick delivery to anyone in the lower 48. In stock, ready to ship or pick up.

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