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How are shipping rates figured?

At checkout, we use a calculator based on the total weight of your order and your zip code. We enter this info into a database of the latest carrier rates at the time you enter your shipping zip code.

We ship plywood orders on a 4'x 8' pallet. Shippers hate 8 feet for some reason so they hit us with a big "Oversized" charge. We know shipping can be very expensive so to help out, so we have a special flat rate of $500. We will eat the shipping costs over that. This flat rate will appear when 10 sheets or more are in the cart and if the calculated rates are more than $500.

If your project does not require a full 8 foot length then we could pre-cut it down prior to shipping. This could possibly have shipping cost savings. For a quote, just call (801-) 753-9251 those rates and sizes you would like it cut to.

How does UltraLight Plywood compare to Baltic Birch?

Baltic Birch core plywood is a great material, but often the density and weight are overkill on a project. For most uses, UltraLight can be a good alternative. The pre-prepped veneers, minimum voids, and weight savings are important things to figure in when making a choice.

CNC work and cutting with UltraLight is easier and quicker than with Baltic Birch due to it's lower density and consistency, but take note that due to the nature of the plys' thicknesses in UltraLight, you might want to add an extra coat seal to seal end cuts. Baltic Birch core plywoods have thinner core plys, so the aesthetic of the edge is not going to be the same. For this we recommend testing with thicker (or second) coat for end sealants. Keep in mind that a good solution might be to mix the plywoods for your project. - For example, in cabinetry, the sides, face, and back sheets could be UltraLight while still using Baltic Birch for a counter-top for the edge look, allowing for the best of both worlds. But, if weight is a main concern for transportation projects or if it just helps on installation, then wood filler on the UltraLight edge can make it look just as good as the Baltic Birch.

How well does it laminate?

Laminating over UltraLight is great. In fact, it's smooth, no-football, AA grade grade veneers, along with the exterior high-grade adhesive makes it a perfect substrate to use. Whether it's a DIY lamination or done by a professional cabinet shop, UltraLight is a good choice. We recommend testing any CNC work post-laminating to get the best bit size, RPM, and speed rate that works for your equipment.

Can I order special cut sizes?

Yes, although at this time we only take cut orders over the phone or in -person. We currently stock 4'x8' sheets and a small cutting charge could be applied. Please call (801-) 753-9251 for quotes on cutting.

Is there a lumber store near me that I can order from?

There will be soon. We are currently in discussions with lumber distributors across North America to help with distribution. If you would like to get on a mailing list to be informed when and where these will come online, then leave a message telling us where you are and your lumber store of choice. We will keep you informed.

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