UltraLight Plywood

UltraLight Plywood

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Lose the weight

If you're manufacturing any product that ships then you are well aware of how that extra weight can equate to reduced profits. With UltraLight, the average weight savings is around 40% compared to similar high grade plywoods. In fact, a sheet of 3/4 inch UltraLight weighs less than 1/2 inch of baltic birch! Lose the weight, save on freight.

UltraLight is also also a great choice of material for products used in transportation. Work trailers, camper vans, buses, and RVs can all benefits from weight reduction when it comes to reduced fuel and machine wear costs.

comp table
UltraLight Plywood
Baltic Birch Plywood
6mm (1/4") x 48" x 96"
6mm (1/4") x 48" x 96" 20 lbs 25 lbs*
12mm (1/2") x 48" x 96"
12mm (1/2") x 48" x 96" 31 lbs 50 lbs*
18mm (3/4") x 48" x 96"
18mm (3/4") x 48" x 96" 51 lbs 75 lbs*

* Baltic birch plywood weights can vary based on brand.

Easy to work with

  • Breath-easy adhesive, low dust, low VOCs
  • Consistent density & tight thickness tolerances, great for CNC work
  • Minimum voids & no footballs, no fillers required
  • Exterior adhesive throughout for superior water resistance
  • AA grade 200 grit sanded for reduced prep time
  • Less weight, less manpower required for handling


For best CNC results, we recommend the following:

For Edge Cuts, cutting a shape from a sheet, we use a .375” COMPRESSION END MILL set to: 

  • 18000 r.p.m. Spindle speed
  • 450 inches/min Feed Rate
  • 70 inches/min Plunge Rate

For Pocket Cuts, cutting a recess into a sheet, we use a .25” DOWN-CUT END MILL set to:

  • 18000 r.p.m. Spindle speed
  • 300 inches/min Feed Rate
  • 47 inches/min Plunge rate

The type of CNC and the quality of the End Mills vary, so we suggest testing first for best results before any production.

  • 6mm (1/4") - 20 lbs (3.07 kg/m²)
  • 12mm (1/2") - 31 lbs (4.72 kg/m²)
  • 18mm (3/4") - 51 lbs (7.78 kg/m²)

  • 6mm (1/4") ...5 ply
  • 12mm (1/2")...9 ply
  • 18mm (3/4")...13 ply

Engineered for real world applications. Breath-free exterior adhesive, strong, odorless moisture resistant, and eco-friendly. Tested and certified to meet or exceed industry standards.

Breathe-free exterior adhesive = CARB2, TSCA Title VI 3rd party certified

Front & back veneer = AA Grade

220 grit super-sanded both sides

Calibrated +/- 0.3mm


X5.5-08-04.3 (Stability Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-05.2 (Strength Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-06.0 (Top Load Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-05.4 (Strength Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-05.3 (Strength Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-08.0 (Leg Strength Test) - PASS

X5.5-08-05.5 (Strength Test) - PASS


Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Farm Grown source

ITTO Objective 200 - Pass
ISO 14000 - Certified
LACEY ACT - Compliant


Material Safety Data Sheet PDF download


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